ScholarBuys provides expert advice on which charging cart best fits your needs! Spectrum carts fit a variety of devices from iPads to Chromebooks.
All carts feature:

  • Double bolt lock for vault-like security on your investment
  • Overhead cord management
  • Locking wheels
  • Laminate top doubling as a workspace
  • Intuitive PowerProdigy charging system that charges the least-charged devices first
  • Ventilation to prevent overheating

Cloud Chromebook Cart

The Cloud Chromebook Cart comes in 32 or 40 capacity. It can fit the largest Chromebooks, up to 14”.

Connect 30 iPad/Chromebook/Notebook Cart

This cart is noted for great value! It holds up to 30 devices of any size up to 14”. This is perfect for the average 1:1 classroom size. The Carrier 30 has a metal finish to create a rugged surface that is scratch resistant.
Pro Notebook Cart

Pro Notebook Cart comes in either a 20 or 32 device capacity. This cart stores devices up to 15”. If your classroom needs more capacity for bigger laptops, but a cart with a smaller footprint, this is a great solution.

InTouch16 iPad/Chromebook/Laptop Cabinet

This cabinet holds  up to 16 devices and can be stacked to create vault-like storage with more capacity.

InTouch Secure Tablet Locker

The InTouch 20 can hold up to 20 devices up to ¾” in thickness or the InTouch32 will hold up to 32 devices up to 1.25” thick.

InTouch40 Tablet/Chromebook Cart

This cart is the ultimate storage solution! Store and charge up to 40 devices. It is compatible with iPads, tablets, or small Chromebooks. The extra wide bay allows room for protective covers on devices. Use this cart as a platform for presentations with the roll out keyboard and workspace.
InTouch Tablet Cart

This tall, slim design makes it easy to maneuver this cart through rows of seating. You can choose a capacity of either 32 or 42 devices. Large bays allow for devices with handles or cases.

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