Spectrum Updates

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Spectrum recently shared some updates on their carts with ScholarBuys! We were able to see the carts in person and learn about the updates first hand so we can share this information with our schools.

All Carts:

  • New brick trays are going to be heavy-duty plastic vs metal to reduce the rattling sound when rolling the carts. These brick trays are removable for easy wiring.
  • Overhead cord management
  • Power Prodigy is a technology that provides charging to the lowest charged devices first. The cart separates devices into four separate banks. Whichever bank has the lowest charge is charged first and a panel on the front lights up to show you what is currently charging. Power Prodigy is available for all carts depending on the wattage of each device.
    Image of charging cart cable management

Connect 30

  • Slimmed down from the Cloud32
  • Grips maneuver the cart rather than a handle to reduce the cost of the cart
  • Smooth metal surface saves on cost vs having the tabletop feature of other carts

Cloud 32

  • Skids are located in front of devices protect them from sliding out of their slot and grips them in place
  • A tabletop surface allows the cart to be used a podium or additional workspace
  • The handle on the side is strategically placed to protect the extra plug port as well as to provide easier maneuvering
  • Pick balloon wheels in either 4” or 5” depending on use. If you are going across a campus with rough or bumpy surfaces, the 5” balloon wheels are recommended. If your cart is only needed inside one building or stays in the classroom, the 4” balloon wheels are recommended
    Image of Spectrum Cloud 32 Cart

Pro 20 & Pro 32

  • This cart can hold devices up to 15.6”
  • The tabletop surface provides an extra workspace
  • This cart also features the same handle as the Cloud 32
  • The Pro 20 has slots for 20 devices, but has ports to charge up to 24 devices, which is perfect for small classrooms
For a quote on these Spectrum cart or for additional information on other Chromebook Accessories, please contact your Academic Technology Expert!
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