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TitanHQ was designed to keep school networks safer. Their mission is to provide easy to use, robust, and effective security tools that hide complexity without compromising functionality.

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WebTitan Cloud keeps your students safe by blocking over 60,000 new malicious sites a day and categorizing over 500 million sites allowing you to control exactly what your students access.

Web Titan Cloud Features:

  • Block malicious websites, phishing attacks, and ransomware
  • Stop students and staff from viewing inappropriate and illegal content
  • Manage social media usage
  • Reporting on individual and group browsing activity

What can WebTitan Cloud do for your Educational Institute?

Cloud Based Content Filter

  • DNS based filtering
  • Create policies for users, groups, and locations
  • No Local Client Software Required
  • Automated Updating
  • SSL supported

Full Reporting Suite

  • Real time browsing view
  • Pre-definded reports. All custom with multiple filter options
  • Per location or per user reporting options
  • PDF and Excel export options
  • DNS proxy for AD integration

Malware Protection

  • Single click to block or allow access to each of 53 categories
  • Blocks viruses, phishing, and other malware infected websites
  • Blocks compromised (hacked) websites
  • Blocks access to spam, botnets
  • Protects schools from cyber-criminals who are actively targeting schools
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Protect all the devices in your school and ask your Academic Technology Expert about TitanHQ today. Trials are available. TitanHQ also offers other products to expand the protection for your school like SpamTitan for Email Anti-Spam and ArcTitan for Email Archiving.
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