Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Virtual Reality has been growing in popularity among the education community because of its multiple uses and benefits in the classroom.

ScholarBuys strives to stay current on educational trends like Virtual Reality and understand how schools are implementing them in the classroom. Virtual Reality is changing how students learn and interact in the classroom. Even though it is a relatively new concept in education the impact can be seen.
Image of student using virtual reality device

Schools are bringing devices into their classrooms and taking their students on virtual field trips. This allows them to explore and experience different lesson plans their teachers have outlined for them. For example, through the use of Google Expeditions, a class can explore a certain historical event or they can visit specific locations around the world. Teachers are able to bring their lessons to life and give the students a completely unique experience that wasn’t previously available in the classroom.

The change in curriculum has shifted how students interact and learn. They are becoming more interested in topics because they can actually see them and their overall engagement has increased. One common phrase that is associated with Virtual Reality is constructivist learning and this states that people construct their own understanding based on their experiences. Students are able to form their own opinions through this new type of teaching and comprehend what they are viewing. Virtual Reality is changing the educational landscape by engaging students and creating a learning experience that captivates the students.
Image of inside view of virtual reality headset in use
ScholarBuys is working with our customers on bringing Virtual Reality into their classrooms and helping them understand the benefits it can have on their students. We are constantly learning new ways Virtual Reality can be used and, in turn, communicating that to our end users. Virtual Reality is something that will continue to grow in the classroom and ScholarBuys will continue to stay up to date on VR trends in the ever changing education space.

For more information on using Virtual Reality in your curriculum or to request a quote, contact one of our education technology experts.
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