August Sales Champ

The Sales Champ for August 2016 is Mike Brown!


Since school was out for the summer, and August signals back to school season, this month was full of software renewals for many institutions. These renewals are highly important to ensure these institutions can continue their day-to-day processes. Without some of this software, certain tasks would have to stop so it was imperative that these licenses did not lapse. Mike made sure that every renewal was complete, processed, accurate, and on time.


Mike provided exceptional service by making sure his customers stayed informed and up to date on their renewal process. Renewals have many different steps and moving parts, so communication is key. Besides renewals, Mike made sure he stayed up to date on other technology that institutions would need. He kept his knowledge sharp by attending several webinars, calls, and an onsite meeting.

Success Story

All of this preparation and knowledge helped Mike make sure every institution had their renewals on time and could continue to keep their processes running. His many years at ScholarBuys have made him an expert at software renewals and he is able to handle challenge that may come his way. He proved his dedication to his institutions’ technology procurement by providing the best service and continuing to excel. This is the second time Mike Brown has earned the title of Sales Champ in 2016!


In upcoming months Mike is most excited to promote DropBox. He attended a webinar for “Capitalizing on your O365 investment” in August and became more aware of the education offering institutions can leverage. This can deliver enterprise-grade security and provides administrators with complete control and visibility to manage their data across campus.
Image of Dropbox Education logo

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