AVID AE36 Headphones

AVID AE36 Headphones are a great option for standardized testing and classroom use


Darren is here to give you a quick review of AVID’s AE36 headphones, which is an excellent option for standardized testing at your school for really students of any age group. One of the big benefits of the AE36 model is that this does include an adjustable, unidirectional boom microphone and has really great quality of the audio received from the student as well as being put back to the student through the headset here. So these are padded earphones. Has an adjustable padded headband at the top and is built with a rugged nylon power cord which will fit any device with a standard 3.5 millimeters audio jack. But really helps to extend the life cycle of these devices. You know, their chew resistant, especially with younger kids, just helps these last a bit longer for you. So for really any standardized testing scenario regardless of age group, the AE36 is an excellent option, especially when audio from the student is needed or desired.

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