AVID AE55 Headphones

AVID AE55 Headphones are a great option for standardized testing and classroom use


Darren is here to give you a quick review of AVID’s AE55 headset. This is an excellent option for standardized testing at your school. It has become quite popular. Compared to some of AVID’s other testing headphone models. These are a bit more durable, built to be a bit more rugged and also have some unique aspects. These have much more noise canceling capabilities with the headset themselves. As you can see, the earpieces will adjust a bit for both comfort and relief of strain if the students are going to have these on for a longer period of time. It does have an adjustable, unidirectional boom microphone in case there’s any audio that needs to come back from the students. Will fit any standard 3.5 millimeters audio jack for the device and has a really nice nylon cord that’s chew resistant kind of pull and tear resistant and even has a nice little Velcro band for ease of storage.

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