AVID Headphones: Four Model Comparison

Michael and Darren give a quick rundown of four different AVID Headphone models we often see used in the classroom.

Hello, everyone. Michael Heap and Darren Shahinian here from ScholarBuys. Today, we’re going to talk to you about AVID headphones. We have four models here that we’re going to review and talk to you about the AE 25, the AE 35, the AE 36 and the AE 55. Darren is going to go through each one and talk about the differences.

With all of these options, there are fantastic options for any standardized testing that you have at your school. And there’s really a variety in terms of the style of the devices, really kind of the focus there. The AE 25 is going to be really catered more to very young students. As you can see, this has more of a kind of friendly, eye appealing look, kind of gets kids excited about, you know, this portion of what they’re going to have to do. And it does have an adjustable microphone included, adjustable, you know, ear sets there. And then the foam padding at the top, also adjustable to fit different sized students. So this one really designed for a younger age group.

Moving up from there, the AE 35 is kind of the next model up. Another really great simple form factor design. This one does not include the boom mic, however, so something to note about the AE 35.
This will not include that omnidirectional boom mic that’s adjustable, but it does still have the ear padding, adjustable padding at the top for the headband. And still a very sleek, nice design. So really wonderful for a lot of those standardized testing scenarios where no audio coming from your student, via voice is not required. So AE 35 is another great option for schools that have standardized testing currently.

I should also mention really across all four of these different models, something that’s really nice that AVID has done is with the cords. These are all kind of chew resistant. So when you have, you know, young students that kind of play with the headset and everything, this gives you a lot more durability out of the life of these devices. Cause typically the first thing to go is the cord.

Next up is the AE 36. So this is very similar to the AE 35 model that Michael just had in front of you. This one, however, does have that adjustable boom microphone. So in testing scenarios or other classroom scenarios, where having audio from the student is required or would be helpful. This is an excellent option for you. It is otherwise essentially identical to the AE 35 in terms of the adjustable padding to be able to fit different sized students.

And then lastly, we have the AE 55 So this is kind of the most robust model, very rugged and durable. It is not set up for the same level of comfort. So it does still have the padded earphones, but does not have that same adjustable padding for the headband at the top of the headset. But has that adjustable boom mic and is built to be a little bit more rugged and durable. Also just a little bit higher quality in general of how the device is built and configured for you. Does have some reinforced strain relief for that being on a student’s head for a longer period of time, maybe a larger test scenario or just throughout the day.

But really, again, across all four of these different models from AVID, there is a great fit for you and your school with your standardized testing needs.

That’s great, Darren. Just to reiterate, they have many different lines that are available for different use cases and everything comes in a variety of colors as well.

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