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As 1:1 classrooms become more popular, schools must consider the options for all of this new technology. The technology industry has become fast paced, with new products being released every year. This provides a new challenge for schools that would like to keep their technology up to date for students. Leasing is a great option that addresses many concerns.

The Challenges

What challenges do schools face that leasing can alleviate?


Schools face budget constraints and must choose how to spend their money wisely. Providing 1:1 solutions is a great option to keep students involved with technology that will grow with them for their academic careers. However, having devices for every student is costly, and many schools struggle to find the funding for such a large project.
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Old Technology

Once technology becomes outdated and replaced, schools must find a solution for the old technology. It often gets left in a storage room since schools can’t afford to recycle.

“A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report found that Americans trashed or recycled nearly 52 million computers and 152 mobile devices in 2010. While computer hardware and monitors are a source of some useful elements that can be recycled, they also contain a number of harmful substances, including lead, mercury, and cadmium.”**


Keeping information on old computers secure is a concern for schools. The computers may hold sensitive information about student records or financial business. Security software is another added cost that some schools cannot afford after investing in 1:1 devices.

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Staying Current

There is always something new in the technology industry. Maybe say something like “Being able to keep students up to date in the modern world can have significant benefits to their academic success. Having current hardware can be an important key feature in the classroom.

The Solution

Leasing provides a great solution to many concerns. Read about how one of our customers has transformed their campus with the help of leasing!

Option to Buy or Refresh

Leasing gives schools the option to buy the devices outright after the term is up, or refresh/update their technology. If the school decides to refresh their technology, the devices are returned and the school does not have to worry about the cost of recycling, or having to store the units somewhere. The school can then purchase or lease newer units. However, if a school decides they would like to keep their current units at the end of the leasing term, the buyout program is a great option. Read more about that here.

Cost-effective Financing

Leasing allows schools to purchase all of the technology needed and pay for it over a longer period of time. Leasing terms typically run for 24 to 36 months in monthly or quarterly payments to give schools more control over cash flow.

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Add on Security Software

Since leasing provides more financial flexibility, schools can afford the security software needed to protect their student’s information. This software can be added to the leasing terms for more financial flexibility.

If you think leasing is the best solution for your school, contact ScholarBuys for a quote! We will walk you through the best options for devices and software and discuss leasing terms with you. Our service and knowledge is unmatched!
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