UCP Leasing Case Study

UCP of Central Florida, founded in 1955, is a tuition – free Charter School consisting of seven campuses across Central Florida. They are a PreK – 12th grade school with an estimated enrollment of 3,000 students. UCP works with children from birth to age 21 that have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, speech delays, developmental delays, vision and hearing impairments in their classroom and through therapy programs.

Having multiple locations across Central Florida and a limited budget made it difficult for UCP to stay up to date on the current K12 technology trends. They were faced with aging technology and were falling behind on testing scores with their current equipment. UCP needed a new solution in place that would help smooth out this process for them moving forward.
ScholarBuys worked with Dr. Wilkins and UCP on creating an ongoing technology plan with leasing that will help ease their pain of having aging technology across their campuses. We leveraged a Fair Market Value lease with monthly payments. Having a lease in place allowed UCP to continually add to their master lease schedule as need arose and budget allowed. In addition, they were able to budget and plan better knowing what their monthly spenditure would be. Being on a FMV lease plan, UCP will be able to have a plan in place to complete a device refresh every 3 years which will, in turn, help them keep current on the ever changing technology advancements for K12.

UCP has found the leasing option to be extremely beneficial to their campuses. We were able to provide a leasing solution that allowed UCP to spread out payments over a three-year cycle and allows for a seamless tech refresh. This will ensure that UCP has the most current technology in their schools to help their students succeed for years to come.

Whether you are working on a small technology project, or a large 1:1 rollout, ScholarBuys can work with you to find the best possible leasing solutions for your school and or district. Contact your Academic K12 Technology Expert today.
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