Bretford Cube Cart

Bretford has introduced a 16 or 32 device charging cart that is available in 16 exciting colors.

The CUBE Cart is a simple, affordable, no-frills store-and-charge solution for your Chromebooks, laptop and tablet device.

Features include:

  • Built-in handle on top of the cart allows for ease of pushing and moving the carts
  • Slot dividers to keep devices upright and protected
  • Front door is secured using a four digit combination padlock
  • Storage bins in the rear of the cart provide ease of cable management
  • 32 Unit cart comes with a digital timer system
  • Removable back panel for access to cord management

 The CUBE cart is available in 3 standard colors, (Charcoal, Red and Sky blue) as well as 13 customized colors including Cool Mint, Grass, Topaz and Pacific Blue.

Image of Bretford Cube Cart in 3 different colors

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore Charging Options options from Bretford or other manufacturers we partner with.
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