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Bretford TechGuard Connect Locker ” /] Have you considered a secure, centralized locker management that can also charge devices and has remote access features? Does your school utilize a 1:1 program? Then, the Bretford TechGuard Connect Locker is for you. One of the key features of the locker system is the cloud based remote locker management. Meaning you can lock and unlock the lockers from anywhere in the word utilizing their easy to use dashboard that is accessible by any laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Each locker comes with RFID for safe and secure keyless access. The RFID technology can be incorporated with your student badges that you might already have in place. If you are not ready for RFID technology, an optional keypad entry can be added as well. With the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection you will always be able to stay up to date with the latest software releases and security updates with automatic updates. Some areas of consideration to place the lockers:
  • Open areas like the cafeteria, or by the gym
  • Classrooms
  • Library / Media Center
  See the included link for an article on Duval County Schools in Jacksonville Florida who has implemented the lockers from Bretford. TechGuard Connect Locker Pilot w/ Duval *** Available in 16 Great Color Choices >

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