Game-based Learning with AVID Headphones

Headsets are great for both game-based learning and Esports use cases. They allow students to listen to each other’s voices, the teacher’s voice, and the game’s music and sound effects. Students are able to have a more personalized gaming and learning experience, while also allowing them to play at their own pace. While gaming, headsets help students focus on their work by providing an extra tool for listening, while also helping to collaborate on tasks and share ideas in an easier manner. Navigate to our main headphone page or Esports page to view a few different options and add-ons.

Esports Headphones

ScholarBuys recommends the following AVID headphones for the majority gaming and Esports uses. Please let us know if you are looking for additional options.

AE-75 headset with microphoneAE-55-USB Inline Volume Control

The Avid AE-79 headset (pictured above) shines where focus, clear communication and all-day comfort are top priorities. The AE-79 is the ideal tool for empowering the audio experience. Whether you’re connecting students to online resources or utilizing these for student gaming, you’ll appreciate all the extra bells and whistles on the AE-79 headset. With extra features like deluxe ear padding for comfort and larger speakers for clear, natural sound, this headset is perfect for all learning environments, Esports, and more.

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore options from AVID or other manufacturers we partner with.
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