GICA Microsoft Office Event

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Event: Microsoft Office 365 for GICA

Date: 9/22/2016
ScholarBuys Attendees: Darren and Bob

Bob and Darren traveled down to Georgia last week to meet with the Georgia Independent College Association to discuss their Office 365 initiatives. This open discussion provided an opportunity for questions to be addressed for both commonplace and unique scenarios, as well as take a look into Microsoft’s road-map for Office 365 within education.

The event featured collaboration between like-minded institutions that all either have a strong interest in implementing Office 365 products/services, or are already well invested in O365 technologies. The event allowed IT leadership to share their experiences and discuss not only current technology, but upcoming products and features. Office 365 is all about mobility and collaboration, both of which have become very necessary concepts within Education. With the growing need for enhanced security for cloud users, Microsoft is continuing to innovate new and better ways for educators, students, and leadership to connect, share, and maintain agility.
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The ScholarBuys team has been working with Office 365 since its inception, and has a firm grasp on what is presently available, what is to come, and the changes that have led us to the current Office 365 landscape. ScholarBuys is well-versed in the current licensing concepts for Office 365 products and services. By leveraging our strong relationship with Microsoft, we are able to stay ahead of changes and ensure our clients stay informed, as well as find the best value available.

If you have any questions about Office 365, ScholarBuys would be happy to assist you! Contact us today.
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