July Sales Champ

Michael comes away with the title of Sales Champ for the third time in 2016!
Image of ScholarBuys employee Michael Heap


During the month of July, Michael turned his focus to educating schools on the benefits of leasing Chromebooks and hardware with ScholarBuys. Leasing is a great solution for institutions that would like to keep their hardware up to date while staying on budget. With technology constantly changing, staying current with technology trends is important to better prepare students.


Michael was excited to share Lenovo’s expanded line of Chromebooks to schools. Lenovo now offers multiple models of touch screen Chromebooks as well as a 14″ screen model. This expanded line of Chromebooks offers more options for classrooms.
Image of Lenovo Chromebook

Success Story

Michael received a request from a school for 110 Chromebooks for their classrooms. Michael mentioned the benefits of leasing and how this allows them to stretch their budget and stay in stride with technology trends to make them aware of their options. This turned out to be the perfect solution for this institution and they were able to stretch their initial purchase from 110 Chromebook to 235 Chromebooks, along with management software, warranty, and charging carts. Michael showed that ScholarBuys truly is more than just technology. We are also a service to make sure your school has the best possible solution for your budget and environment.

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