Lenovo Virtual Reality

Lenovo has introduced their own Virtual Reality Kit with innovative new headsets that do not require phones or student devices! The Lenovo Mirage Solo will take your students to places they have only dreamed of with robust, immersive virtual reality experiences to educate in ways never before possible. The Lenovo Virtual Reality Kit comes complete with everything you need to launch Virtual Reality in your classroom.

The Lenovo Virtual Reality Kit includes:

  • Lenovo Mirage Solo Headsets with DayDream OS
  • Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus Teacher Tablet
  • Ruckus Router
  • Bretford Mobile Cart

*Comes in quantities of 3, 10, or 24 Headsets. The kit of 3 comes with a different carrying case and not the mobile cart.

Image of students using virtual reality headsets

The Lenovo Virtual Reality kits come set up with Google Expeditions and exclusive content like Jane Goodall’s The Wild Immersion. Custom STEM lesson plans are available from Scholastic. Unlike other Virtual Reality kits, the Lenovo VR Kit comes with all elements included with no additional material needed.

Image of Mirage Solo virtual reality headset

The Mirage Solo Headset with Daydream OS

  • No phones needed- these headsets are fully functional and ready for exploring
  • Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and full 110 degree vision
  • Professional development videos and personal webinars are included from Educational Collaborators
  • Full suite of services included: advanced exchange, premier support, and school-year warranty

Save time and money with the Lenovo Mirage Solo Headsets! There is no need to purchase and maintain student device phones to use for Virtual Reality. This headset has built in Virtual Reality so all you have to do is plug and go. This simple design means more time for your students to learn and explore in the classroom.

For more specifications or to order your Lenovo Virtual Reality Kit, contact your Academic Technology Expert. We are happy to help you with your dive into classroom Virtual Reality!
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