Simplify the Path to Cloud Security

Why change? Complexity Kills Security

Today’s Security Challenges

Too many silos:

Security, IT, and operations teams each use a plethora of different point tools, generating unique—and often isolated—data in the process. These groups are often siloed from an organizational perspective, with each one having its own approach to managing the specific vulnerabilities and threats. There is no shared context between the core Zero Trust control points of workloads, networks, devices, and users.

Too many surfaces to defend:

Employees are working remotely from thousands of various locations with workloads traversing multiple clouds. Managing and deploying traditional agent technology to monitor and secure your disparate and evolving environment becomes incredibly difficult. At the same time, you must now consider taking a different security approach to protect all the other environments—legacy data centers to public clouds, VM to containers, desktop to mobile devices.

Too little context:

Too often, you are forced to make security decisions with incomplete and inaccurate data. You need deeper context about the assets you are protecting and how your systems fit together to defend against growing threats. A chaotic stream of alerts is insufficient—you’re unable to prioritize them to defend your most critical assets first. Point security tools simply don’t capture this information. And without the full situational intelligence, your security efforts are flying blind.

It’s Time to Rethink Security

You need to rethink security as an inherent and distributed part of the modern enterprise—continuously incorporating all aspects of your technology stack to deliver more effective security through a Zero Trust approach.

This means a connected approach—joining the critical control points of users, devices, workloads, and networks. Security must be an inherent part of your control points and distributed to where they are across your infrastructure. Finally, information must be presented in context, combining data from all sources in an intelligent fashion and sharing this context across teams to reduce silos.

Your teams are then better equipped to solve the threats of today and tomorrow—you have fewer blind spots and reduced time to detection and response. You can better operationalize security, making more effective use of your people and resources. You can deliver the speed and security required of the modern enterprise.

Simplify the Path with ScholarBuys and VMware

Implement Zero Trust with fewer tools and silos:

Simply covering the Zero Trust control points of users, devices, workloads, and networks is not enough—you must also connect these critical areas. With VMware, you can accurately understand the security situation and enforce the appropriate policies and actions to close security gaps and reduce risk. This not only enables easier sharing of data between security controls, but also enhances coordination between Security, IT, operations, and development teams to act faster and with greater efficiency. And with fewer security products, you spend less time on administration.

Deliver security as a built-in, distributed service:

Your security posture needs to mirror your infrastructure. With VMware, your security controls and policy enforcement protect your distributed assets, supporting both new and legacy environments and applications. And because you can reduce the number of tools and agents you deploy while managing them in a centralized fashion, you are able to consistently apply your policies across multiple environments with little to no added effort. You achieve full coverage of your environment by connecting the dots while reducing complexity and blind spots.

Scale response with confidence, speed, and accuracy:

Your decisions are only as good as the data upon which they are based. With VMware, you will have the full authoritative context of your environment and threat intelligence that is trustworthy, actionable, and readily available. By knowing the threats and seeing whether vulnerabilities in your defenses are being exploited, you can quickly adjust your controls and policies to address security gaps and events faster. You be more adept at identifying and assessing attacks when they occur, enabling you to take the appropriate actions to repair any damage with minimal impact to your organization.

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