ScholarBuys helps Florida Colleges and Universities Save Millions with VMWare

Our niche focus is group purchasing here at ScholarBuys.  We help academic consortia across the United States harness their combined buying power to reduce the price for services and goods for their members.  We are excited to share a new VMware agreement we helped stand up with our longtime partner, the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF).

Last spring we identified that 75% of the ICUF institutions were utilizing varying versions of VMWare’s industry leading server virtualization solutions – vSphere and vCenter.  Leveraging the ICUF institution’s combined purchasing power we helped established an Enterprise License Agreement enabling institutions to standardize on a superior version – vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus.

vSphere with Operations Management takes virtualization to the next level with intelligent operations management.  As the foundation for VMware’s complete Software-Defined Data Center platform, vSphere with Operations Management is the starting point for building a Software-Defined Data Center, delivering a platform that is designed to execute a future facing and optimized approach to IT – including cloud strategy.

The ICUF ELA will provide approximately 
2.6 million dollars in cost avoidance over a 5-year period for the participating institutions, delivering enhancements at a cost unobtainable if negotiated on per school basis.  Furthermore, the agreement lays the foundation with VMware as a strategic partner for modernizing data centers, integrating public clouds, end user computing, and transforming security.  

We hope to expand the aforementioned ELA model with other consortia we work with in the near future, stay tuned!  In the interim, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your VMware initiatives!
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