Sphero Education

Sphero Edu teaches coding, programming, and robotics with small robotic spheres that your students control! These robots are designed for progression so there are endless learning activities. Select your robot, download the app and start engaging your students in STEAM activities!

Levels of Programming

Students can draw paths for their robot to follow. This is the first stage of learning code as, the lines drawn represent code.
Students use drag and drop blocks to code. The blocks work together to create a line of code for the robots to follow. This stage is for students who already understand the basic concept of coding.
In the most advanced mode of coding in Sphero Edu, students use JavaScript to write their own text programs. This level teaches more than coding and allows students to start programming.

Robots and Operating Systems

Two popular Sphero Edu robots are the Sphero Sprk+ and the Sphero Mini. Both are powered by the Edu app. The Sprk+ (pictured on the top right) is perfect for hands-on lessons and learning programming in depth. With Sprk+ students can program their robots to complete certain challenges and be immersed in STEAM lessons. The Mini (pictured on the bottom right) is a portable game based robot. Students control the small robot to play games like miniature bowling. Other robots include Ollie Darkside, BB-8 and R2-D2 from StarWars.

These robots can work on a variety of Operating Systems including iOS, Chrome, Andriod, and Kindle. The robots are not currently compatible with Windows OS.
Image of Sphero

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore Sphero or other STEM options.
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