Adobe Licensing and Group Purchasing

Previously we reviewed how ScholarBuys works with academic consortia of private and independent colleges across the country to provide group purchasing avenues for Microsoft software licensing.

This month, I wanted to shift the focus to Adobe which is another area in which ScholarBuys has had success in delivering unique programs to help academic institutions realize the full value of their technology investments.Image of black and white Adobe logo
Our open communication with customers and willingness to assist provided us with feedback from academic institutions across the country, and helps us to determine common needs amongst our clients as well as common pain points. With our extensive knowledge of Education buying/licensing programs, we have successfully negotiated numerous Adobe group purchasing contracts for various academic consortia.

As you are likely aware, with the release of Creative Cloud solutions Adobe has shifted their licensing models to subscription-based offerings. This provides many advantages such as budget predictability and the ability to always stay up to date with the latest editions of Adobe products, but it also presents some challenges in terms of cost. Many schools procured perpetual licenses for Adobe products in the past, and moving to a subscription model can initially put a strain on budgets.
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These Agreements leverage Adobe’s Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).

This is a three year agreement with annual payment installments, and opens the door to site-licensing of Adobe solutions such as:

  • Creative Cloud All Apps (Device-based licensing designed for labs)
  • Creative Cloud Complete (Named-user licensing designed for individuals, which include additional Online Storage and Services)
  • Acrobat
  • Captivate
  • Presenter
  • Adobe Sign
  • Student licensing for their personal devices
  • Adobe Expert Services

Each ETLA agreement is highly customized to fit the needs and budgets of interested institutions, and ScholarBuys has extensive experience in assisting with the negotiations of these agreements – working closely with both the consortia and its individual constituents. There is no one-size-fits-all model for Adobe licensing. It is our dedication to providing institutions with accessible, affordable technology that enables ScholarBuys to continue to develop these programs and partnerships. Due to the customized nature of these agreements, it would be incredibly difficult without the input of multiple members of our experienced team. The challenge is diluted by our tenet of internal teamwork, communication, and problem solving. Ask any member of the ScholarBuys team – a combination of these three pillars of our company (shown to the right) is what separates us from a typical technology partner.

Of course, our service does not stop at group purchasing. Each member of our sales team is very well informed of all available Adobe licensing programs and options within the Education segment, and with our 100% focus on academic technology you can be assured that we will guide you to the path that best fits your institution’s software needs and budget. Let us help ease the transition to Creative Cloud!
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