All About Darren


My Role at ScholarBuys: I am a Sales Executive, managing Higher Education accounts (both private/independent and state institutions) that are not tied to an academic consortium. I also manage accounts in the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities consortia, which currently has 25 member institutions.
Favorite Sports Teams: The Detroit Red Wings, LA Kings, Chicago Bears, and Chicago Cubs.
What I Do in My Free Time: I do a lot of reading, and have been trying to force myself back into spending time composing/playing music.
Favorite Tech Related Interest: Cloud computing and Bid Data are incredibly interesting to me from a professional stance. For personal interest I think it is very cool to see the emergence of Esports, driven mostly by the MOBA genre.
Why I love working at ScholarBuys: This is honestly a long list, but to keep it short and sweet I would have to say it is the people here. From the top down, it is an absolute pleasure to work with my colleagues at ScholarBuys. We have a very open atmosphere and culture in the office, and it essentially works as a mind-share. Everyone is always looking out for one another, sharing information and best practices from their own experiences. ScholarBuys is truly relationship driven, both internally and externally.

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