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ScholarBuys would like to introduce you to a great new product called BoardShare!

“BoardShare is a completely portable and interactive technology tool that allows users to create their own personalized interactive whiteboard. By inviting users to draw, annotate or even surf the Web, BoardShare can turn any space into a collaborative workstation.”

BoardShare gives you many different options to create your interactive whiteboard, without the high cost of similar systems. Since any smooth surface can be used as the white board, you can use a wall and projector to create the whiteboard, or if you don’t want the glare of a projector, use a flatscreen TV. ScholarBuys will help you decide the best option for your educational needs and budget. For under $400, this product is great for the budget conscious schools in mind! In addition, ScholarBuys can help you select any laptops or projectors needed to coordinate with this product.

Below you will find key product features of BoardShare:

  • Small size – will fit easy into any carrying case
  • Easy Setup – three easy steps then ready to use, takes less than a minute.
  • Access to 100’s of software based virtual whiteboards.
  • No External power – camera powered by USB

See what some educators had to say about this innovative technology:

“Because I travel to each of my students homes I miss out on some valuable tutoring time. BoardShare allows me to get the most out of our time by collaborating with programs, such as “”. Students send me their work and, in real-time, I can annotate and make notes directly to show what he/she was struggling with. This works great because students attempt problems and I can see exactly what they are doing and help them in the most efficient way. ”

“ I was immediately drawn to the idea of a portable interactive whiteboard solution for our district. Teachers and administrators were always asking me about purchasing interactive whiteboards for classrooms, especially in our older school buildings. Up until now, I struggled to find ways to come up with the necessary funding to make this a reality. After learning about BoardShare, it made perfect sense to invest in this new and innovative solution at a fraction of the cost of installing permanent interactive whiteboards. With BoardShare, I have been able to bring interactive whiteboard technology to every school in our district within the past 2 months with plans to expand into even more classrooms during the next school year.”

BoardShare is a simple technology that anyone can use, with interactive presentations it is easy to engage a classroom. Maybe the best part about BoardShare is that there are no recurring fees or licensing fees.

The interactive whiteboard is great for all levels of education from K-12 to Higher Education. If you are interested in learning more about this awesome product and how you can apply it to your unique classroom, contact your ScholarBuys representative today!
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