Lenovo N42 Chromebook Review

ScholarBuys took a look at the Lenovo N42 Chromebook to show you all the features and benfits of this device! The Lenovo N42 Chromebook is part of the N-series. The Lenovo N-series Chromebooks were built for education so you can trust they will be durable devices that will stand the test of time and perform well throughout a long school day.

The Lenovo N42 Chromebook is a good option for your classroom based on pricing and features. It is a lower cost than other 14″ Chromebooks, but still has the durability needed for education. The corners and ports are reinforced and the device is drop resistant. The Lenovo N42 Chromebook also features an amazing 11 hours of battery life so your students can last all day on a single charge!
Image of ScholarBuys pricing tiers chart

Watch the full video below!


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