Michael’s Anniversary

It has been two years since Michael Heap joined the ScholarBuys team!

The Path to ScholarBuys

Michael had been working in the education industry for five years before joining the ScholarBuys team. instead of selling technology to schools and providing procurement support, he sold books and educational software to librarians. Michael was looking for a change of pace which led him to ScholarBuys. He saw great potential in the company and was eager to start.

Since Michael worked in the education industry previously, the transition was smooth. He already had the customer service experience and had a pretty solid understanding of what schools need. Working for ScholarBuys allowed him to expand his knowledge and research new solutions for K-12 schools.
Image of ScholarBuys employee Michael Heap

Working with ScholarBuys

Michael has found ScholarBuys to be a great fit. He has taken the lead over the east territory for the K-12 sector and runs it like his own small business. He provides each school with individualized attention and loves being able to think outside the box to bring new products and ideas to his customers. His hard work shows; in 2015 he earned the “Dealmaker Award” and has also been the ScholarBuys Sales Champ on many occasions.

“I look forward to coming to work each day. Every day is something different you couldn’t ask for a better set of co-workers to work with.”

Image of Kramer from Seinfeld
Fun fact: Much like the Seinfeld character “Kramer”….. Michael is often referred to by his last name “Heap” rather than his first name.  His ScholarBuys coworkers started this on his first week so he was not confused with Mike Brown and it has stuck ever since!

The Future

ScholarBuys is continuing to grow as a company to provide schools with the best technology to fit their needs. Michael said he is looking forward to see the K-12 segment of ScholarBuys continue to grow. We are continually finding new products and opening new doors to provide the best service for these schools.

Congrats on two years so far Michael!
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