As you may be aware, Microsoft has released an Education Edition of the popular software Minecraft. However, what you may not know is that Minecraft: Education Edition is now available for education customers through their EES volume licensing agreement.
Minecraft is essentially a virtual learning lab where students can demonstrate their concept mastery, as well as document their achievements. Teachers can set up a variety of activities/challenges within the game that map to specific learning outcomes and curriculum standards. Minecraft: Education Edition has a strong emphasis on STEAM departments (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) and is built with a focus on collaboration and creative problem solving:

  • Students collaborate together to build projects and solve problems within an immersive environment
  • Built-in and customizable lessons
  • Teachers can tap into the creativity and expertise of the Minecraft community for lesson plans, and build their own curriculum
  • “Mods” can be added into the game with a curriculum and programming plug-in


Through an EES Agreement, Minecraft: Education Edition can be licensed either organization wide or as an “additional product” offering. There are different price points for each of these options, including students versus faculty/staff.
**Please note that if you license all of your faculty and staff in your organization, you are able to cover all students for no cost!**

Minecraft: Education Edition requires that each user/player has an Office 365 Education account. NOTE: students will only be able to play with other O365 Education accounts in the same school domain/tenant.
Technical Requirements

  • Device: MacBook or Windows 10 compatible device
  • Operating System: Windows 10, or OS El Capitan
  • Identity: Office 365 Education account for each player
  • Network: Wi-Fi or LAN to log in and for multi-player capabilities

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