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I wanted to spend some time discussing volume licensing and group purchasing with ScholarBuys. As many of you are likely aware, ScholarBuys specializes in volume software license procurement for academic institutions. This is true of a myriad of different software solutions, ranging from Microsoft and Adobe to endpoint protection and virtualization platforms such as VMware.

Image of ScholarBuys employee Brendon PalluckAs an academic technology partner, ScholarBuys has dedicated our resources specifically to assist education customers exclusively. This allows us to be fully aware and understanding of the different needs an Education enterprise has from a Commercial entity. Due to this, we are better suited to depict accurate license models for production and test/dev environments whether they are hosted on premises or in the cloud. It also enables us to distribute informative emails to our clients that cater to their specific technology needs, and highlights benefits/nuances that apply to academic institutions.

Our company is founded on relationships and that is our focus in working with our customers. Our goal is to always keep you up to date with the latest technology innovations, and ensure that you continue to grow your tech footprint in order to provide the best possible user experiences for your students and employees.

ScholarBuys has a wealth of experience in negotiating group purchasing programs for academic consortia. These volume licensing programs enable us to achieve economies of scale for participants, granting access to pricing and licensing programs that are designed for much larger education entities – while keeping the individual interests of participants separated. We are also skilled at negotiating additional value for these programs, such as access to technical product specialists from the manufacturer to assist with project planning and discussing best practices for implementation, or assistance with onboarding the solution.

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These agreements are collaborative in nature, and not only benefit individual schools but the consortia/group as a whole. We bring CIOs, Technology Directors and Administrators together in an open forum to collaborate and share ideas. This, in turn, helps us determine common needs for the individual members, and begins the framework for agreements that cater to these needs. Here at ScholarBuys, we rely heavily on our own internal collaboration. Our Sales Team is not only knowledgeable with these solutions, but we are constantly working as a team to bounce ideas off one another and stay up to date with multitudes of licensing programs in academic technology.

Communication is one of our core values, so you may expect that in working with ScholarBuys it is by no means a static relationship. We engage with our customers regularly and truly act as an extension of your IT and procurement staff.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions, or if your institution would be interested in learning more about working with the ScholarBuys team.
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