VMware Transforms the Student Experience

A blog about the Advanced Learning Environment built on VMware’s Digital Learning Platform (DLP)

The intersection of educational learning and technology innovation has created sizable transformation in the way learning institutions deliver and enhance their student’s learning experience.  A report from McGraw Hill noted that 69% of college students feel digital learning technology helps their focus and 81% find it helpful in improving their grades.  These findings support the importance of solving traditional challenges found in the Education landscape with technology solutions.

To improve the delivery of student learning, VMware’s Solutions & Innovations team is introducing the Advanced Learning Environment built on VMware’s Digital Learning PlatformTM (DLP).  The Advanced Learning Environment is developed as a turnkey solution designed to meet the immediate mission and business needs of customers’ organizations and  transforms the student experience through digital learning technologies, delivery and mechanism of the applications and content which drive learning, and end-to-end solutions and services of the environment. This solution joins the previously released Cyber Range solution and will be followed by our Correctional Education and Hands-on Clinical Compliance use case solutions in the coming weeks.

The Advanced Learning Environment (ALE) is designed for Educational organizations seeking the ability to overcome the common challenges of traditional learning lab environments including:

  • workstation accessibility
  • physical constraints
  • re-purposing of classroom labs
  • lack in practicality-of-usage
  • lackluster application delivery
  • student/user experience

The solution delivers educational and learning institutions the capabilities to control flexibility in student lab volume and resources, supply and grow applications and hands-on labs, consume labs in an “as-a-Service” model, and acquire installation and managed services to drive the ROI in deployment, usage, and adoption.

The Advanced Learning Environment is designed as an off-premises solution which best meets the functional, security, and consumption-based requirements in the Higher Education space.  It is designed as a feature-rich and powerful solution to deliver students a platform to consume learning content and employ hands-on learning simulation with real-world applications.  The solution offers flexible delivery of applications (via client, web, browser, etc.) within a traditional desktop experience, while embracing elements (collaboration platforms, application catalogs, and hands-on labs) specific to learning environments.  This results in the enhancement and increased productivity of the student’s learning experience.

The Advanced Learning Environment is turnkey in its ability to leverage VMware partnerships to address elements of content, software licensing, infrastructure, and managed services.

Learn more about how ScholarBuys and VMware can help your institution make your next cloud step count!

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