VMware vSAN 6.7 Virtual Storage

vSAN 6.7 delivers a new HCI experience with enhanced operational efficiencies that reduces time-to-expertise and accelerates decision making. This release provides a more consistent, resilient and secure application experience, and leverages people, technology and analytics to deliver an enhanced support experience with simpler, faster time to resolution.
Architecture and Performance: Tightly integrated with the hypervisor, vSAN sits directly in the I/O data path, in the best position to make rapid data placement decisions
Storage Efficiency: vSAN delivers advanced storage features, including deduplication, compression and erasure coding (RAID 5/6), capable of delivering up to 10x greater storage utilization with dramatically lower storage capacity and costs
Scalability: vSAN has a distributed architecture that allows for grow-as-you-go, non-disruptive scaling from 2 to 64 hosts

vSAN is the Software Defined Storage solution from VMware which is tightly integrated into VMware vSphere. Together with ESXi and the Software Defined Networking solution VMware NSX, VMware provides you a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution. With these 3 components you can achieve a so-called Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), where everything is tightly integrated into the VMkernel for the best possible performance.  Instead of using expensive hardware solutions (like big hardware-based SANs), everything within your Data Center can be virtualized – on traditional x86 hosts.
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