Virtual Reality In Education

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Is it the next big thing in Education? That is the current question around Virtual Reality and it’s use in the classroom. Educators are starting to rely on VR simulations to develop learning experiences that would otherwise not be easily accessible to students. VR can provide students with practical training opportunities without pressure, danger, and allowing for repeated opportunities to practice. Also, VR simulations can provide students access to situations and learning environments (such as traveling within a cell, simulated scenarios for public speaking, among others) that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to access.

Advantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality simulations offer the great advantage of providing students and teachers with a standardized, reproducible environment for repeated and optimized learning scenarios. This virtual learning environment facilitates gamification, performance metrics, and collaborative features embedded in the software, enabling continuous peer interaction, active learning, enjoyment, and performance feedback.

A recent study of higher education students showed that lessons taught via Virtual Reality are, on average, more effective than traditional training, developing students’ technical, practical, and socio-emotional skills. In general, results reveal that students exposed to VR training, score higher in learning assessments, than students exposed to the same curricular content delivered through traditional training methods

Virtual Learning

Many schools have started to adopt virtual learning into their curriculum and Virtual Reality can supplement those lessons. By utilizing Lenovo’s VR solution, teachers have access to interactive lessons in math, biology, chemistry, and physics, where students can experience real-world applications of the Pythagorean Theorem or take an immersive virtual field trip to the Amazon for a breathtaking wildlife tour. They offer hundreds of 360-degree videos searchable by grade level and subject. There is even the opportunity to add and share your own immersive content.

Utilizing Virtual Reality can be a game changer for students, teachers, and administrators. A VR Classroom creates an immersive educational experience that speaks to every student. Engaging visuals, meaningful content, and explanatory audio means there’s something to spark a connection for every learner. Enhance traditional learning methods and go beyond your previous boundaries. Check out the most recent Virtual Reality technology offering from Lenovo here!

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