Computer Science Week

Computer Science Week starts today!

Computer Science week was started to encourage K-12 students to take interest in learning more about computer and technology related subjects. This year’s program features an “Hour of Code”, where students spend time learning coding through free programs online, or by utilizing a program their school already has in place. Computer Science Week 2017 runs from December 4th through the 10th. ScholarBuys has many products related to Computer Science to help inspire students to learn more!
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Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop has two robots, Dash & Dot, that interact with different apps to teach students coding and programming. Through these different apps students can play games that control the robots. These robots are most suitable for K-5. These robots can be purchased in classroom packs and come with 30 lessons as well as an educator guide.


littleBits uses small building blocks to teach students how to build, innovate, code, and create. Using STEAM curriculum, littleBits encourages students to imagine and make their creations a reality. Each kit features different objectives and items that students can create like backpack alarms, a 3D printer doodle pen, a catapult and more!
Image of littleBits

Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit teaches students how to build their own computer. Once students build their own wooden computer, they can play games to learn how to code and program their computer for use. After this is complete, students can use their creativity to use the computer for new games.

Please contact one of our education technology experts to explore STEM options for your classroom or district.
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