Chromebook Refresh

Are your Chromebooks becoming outdated and need a refresh? If your Chromebooks are 3 years old or older, you may be considering getting new Chromebooks for your classroom. Keeping your technology up to date in your classroom is important and ScholarBuys can help you get started!

Recycling Chromebooks

Technology is always being updated. New innovations are created, processors are made to be faster, and useful features are added. Not only that, but your old technology can start running slow, may have sustained damage, or may no longer fit with your classroom’s needs. But what do you do with all of the old technology? ScholarBuys offers a recycling program to help schools dump the old technology in a responsible way to protect any sensitive information and to keep the devices out of landfills. It is a budget friendly option so schools don’t have to store the old devices, and can put their money towards the new technology needed.

The recycling program includes two initial fees:

Processing Fee that includes:
  • Test and Audit
  • Removal of any client identifying marks
  • DOD Data Destruction on data bearing devices
  • Environmental Compliant Recycling or Remarketing
  • Serialized Audit Report
  • Certificate of Data destruction/recycling
Transportation Fee that includes:
  • Onsite Pickup (units should be out of service, ready for packing in one area)
  • Packing/Palletize Equipment
  • Secure Transportation to CB facility

**We apply any value of the equipment towards these fees, and any excess value will be available for use towards updated hardware. Please note the processing of this equipment can take 30-45 business days


Now that your devices are recycled, it’s time to think about your new devices. ScholarBuys offers a leasing program which is the perfect solution to always keep your technology updated. Leasing terms typically run for 24 to 36 months and after the term is up, you have the option to return the devices and start a new lease term with the latest technology. With this option there is no need to think about recycling and no need to save any budget for it! Read more about the benefits of leasing with ScholarBuys and contact us to start this budget friendly option for your school!


Would you like to request a quote or have questions about either of these programs? Contact your Academic Technology Expert today! We can usually provide a quote same day with fast response times.
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